Year’s Roundup

The Centre organised runs were well attended and the mid week runs have again proved successful with over half a dozen riders taking part in most of them. The Shobden Run, organised by Chris Benallick, was very good indeed and we met up with some 12 members from the West Midlands Section at the Airfield. Graham Plenty took us on some interesting lanes in Gwent that many of us had never ridden before. Dave Francis led an enjoyable run to the Elan Valley Dams. We also rode to the Owls Nest Cafe in Llandovery for our now annual meet with the Welsh Centre.
Our Ride Ins to Tintern still attract members from our Centre and further afield, Swansea, the Midlands and from over the Severn Bridge including the Bristol Section.
Most of the runs have taken place in decent weather, although Storm Brian did cause us to postpone our last Ride In by a week but again we had good weather in the end.
Members have been out and about nationally; John Richardson was again invited by the Severn Freewheelers Bloodbike Charity to attend the Prescott Hill Climb Bike Festival in April and used the Thruxton and Manxman to complete 4 runs. Rob Jones, Eddy Whittingham and Bob Elkins attended the Velocette Owners Club National Rally where Bob Elkins, won the Best Bike in the Rally Trophy, Well Done Bob!.
Rob Jones with John Richardson and Molly Holmes, attended the Camping Week at Lechlade organised by David Hoskins. Camping in 55 knots of wind under the Fairford Airfield approach path was entertaining. Some tents were completely blown down and ohn And Molly abandoned their tent at 2am and moved into the car. Gary Hoskins had to move from his wrecked tent to his van and Brian Coldicot just stayed where he was with the wreckage of his tent lying around him. We did see a U2 Spy plane take off on Tuesday afternoon and after flying around the world a few times, land back early on Wednesday morning.
Rob Jones and Bob Elkins also rode a very damp Bob Foster Run in Dorset, where Bob again came away with Best Bike this time with his Cammy, Well Done again Bob! .
Rob Jonescompeted in some rounds of the VMCC Western Region Championship and came third missing out on the runner up trophy by one point.
The Centre linked up with the South Wales Section VMCC for a visit to the Eppynt Welsh TT Circuit where we had a spin around for three laps, all who completed the three laps got a Certificate to prove it. Rob also took his Venom into Abercynon Primary School to talk to the children about growing up in the 1960s. The class did some pencil drawings of the Velo and the two winners were each presented with a Centre lapel badge.
The Centre Camping Event took place in rather damp weather. It rained hard most of the camp. The numbers were down but the newly formed Aquatic Section did manage to get out and about including a visit to the Penderyn Whiskey Distillery where they got wet on the inside as well as the outside.
Attendance at Club Nights is usually from 12 to 20 members. As well as our usual chats we have had our Quiz Night, won by John Wilding and a talk on Les Graham by Geoff Harris. Mention must be made of Eddy Whittingham who lives near Presteign Mid Wales. He has ridden down to take part in our Ride Ins, mid week runs and Camping Runs, which usually involve a run of between 40 to 50 miles before doing the event. Certain members have been out of action during periods of the year. John Parry Jones with a broken ankle which needed pinning and cost him virtually the whole of the riding season. Peter Hunter had a new knee which curtailed his activities. John and Molly had serious chest infections which resulted in a visit to hospital for John and the missing of the Bob Foster for both. Chris Benallick has had a new hip at the end of the season which was good planning. Brian Barber had a heart attack but is now up and about attending club and making good progress. Our best wishes go to all of these.

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